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Queen's University Karate Club


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Steve Litt


Began Karate:   Sept 1979  (Kenyukai)
Mudansha                   Date
Yellow Belt           April 80(Kenyukai)
Orange Belt          Jan 81 (Kenyukai)
Green Belt            Jan 82 (Kenyukai)
Green Belt (3rd)    Jan 83 (Kenyukai)
Brown Belt (2nd)  Jun 1984 (Kenyukai)
Brown Belt (1st)   Mar 85 (Kenyukai)
YUDANSHA        Date                        Promoted by
Shodan     July 88 (Kenkokan)      Sensei Doug Roberts 

- Left Queens May 85,
- Moved to Toronto and met up with Luce Campbell and Doug Roberts
- Started Butsudokan Fall 85, in my building on Parliament Street (Steve Litt, Doug R., Luce C. & Eric Perlman)
- Moved club to an empty warehouse on Parliament Street (downtown Toronto) in early 86?
- Relocated club to Crescent Town (East end of Toronto) in mid 1986?
- Recommended for exam June 1986
- 1st Dan Test May 1987
- Awarded 1st Dan July 1988
- The rest of the story....
- Recommended for 2nd Dan test in 1989. Club had Doug Roberts, Luce Campbell, Rick Black, (Wolf Boggs then occasionally coming to Crescent Town too).
- Summer 1989 withdrew "temporarily" to focus on work & renovate home for new baby.
- Spring 1990 became a dad & took a two year transfer to the USA
- Returned in 1992 (with 2 babies!)
- Workplace was relocated to west of Toronto, so moved closer to work.
- Contemplated starting a club in west end; couldn't find a facility.
- Got hooked on the gym, distance running & ice hockey. Still go to the gym, play hockey and occasionally do bagwork. Occasionally practice katas, bo, chucks or the couple of kumites I recall & taught to a friend.

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